Spazio Thetis, Arsenale Novissimo – Venezia


Spazio Thetis, Arsenale Novissimo – Venice

curated by Alessandra Coppa and Fortunato D'Amico

27 august - 21 november 2010

CULTURE_NATURE green ethics - habitat - environment, curated by Alessandra Coppa and Fortunato D'Amico, is the important collateral event that takes place as part of the 12th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

From August 27 until November 21, Spazio Thetis at the Arsenale Novissimo, which extends over 15,000 m² between interiors and the park, hosts over 50 international architects, artists and universities. It is a very heterogeneous creative group that, through different ideas, techniques and processes, has the relationship between Man-Architecture-Environment in the contemporary culture of the third millennium as an exhibition objective: projects, installations, works of art, videos are born.

The event is flanked by interesting meetings involving leading cultural personalities, such as architects, artists, philosophers and directors invited to discuss with the public issues related to the great environmental changes and the 'culture' of living in relation to the natural habitat.
The full program of initiatives includes concerts that link music and architecture in an excursus from classic to contemporary.

Fortunato D'Amico comments: "It is the end of an era dominated by oil - announces Jeremy Rifkin - the most authoritative prophet of the green economy. We have entered the era of the third industrial revolution, a time in which humanity has already used half of the oil available on the planet and due to practical and economic necessities is forced to decline its energy future by focusing on natural energies. The apex of this dramatic situation, according to experts, will occur between 2010 and 2020. But in the face of this catastrophic vision of the planet can we still think of saving what can be saved? , respecting the environment and sparingly accessing ecosystem resources ".

Architecture, landscape, agriculture, energy, design, art and cinema become protagonists in the various areas of the Spazio Thetis which is reborn thanks to the project of the German landscape architect Andreas Kipar, Milanese by adoption. Culture_Nature is an exhibition characterized by multidisciplinarity, integrated, permeable and open to a panorama of situations in fluid movement.
In fact, the event is a real 'melting pot' of different points of view united by the common thread of nature, the environment and the needs of man.
In this regard Alessandra Coppa explains: "The exhibited works have been selected on the basis of the concept of going beyond the concept of Culture / Nature opposition. Architecture and art integrate and relate to the concepts of landscape, agriculture, energy, design."

The organizer and promoter of this great initiative is the Polytechnic of Turin with the patronage of the City of Turin, the Municipality of Cossano Canavese and the Representation of the European Commission in Milan.
Culture_Nature in addition to being included in the official catalog of the Biennale published by Marsilio, will produce its own catalog published by Skira.

List of exhibitors

Assostudio, Benedetto Camerana, Giulio Ceppi /TotalTool Milano, Donato Cerone, Facchinetti & Partners, Luigi Ferrario, Frigerio Design Group, Gabbiani & Associati, Alessia Guarnaccia, LAND Landscape Architecture Nature Development, Fabio Mariani, MAPP + Studio Cardenas + LAND, Marco Acerbis Studio, Arturo Montanelli e Velasco Vitali, Luca Moretto, Paolo Bodega Architettura, Boris Podrecca, Roccatelier associati + BMS Progetti, Studio Cardenas, Studio di Architettura Attilio Stocchi, Studiododici, Maurizio Varratta, Vudafieri Saverino Partners.

Universities and institutions

Polytechnic of Turin, Polytechnic of Milan - Regional Pole of Lecco and Faculty of Building Engineering-Architecture, Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, University of Italian Switzerland, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Municipality of Ciriè, Municipality of Monza, Faculty of Architecture " Valle Giulia ", Rome, Ca 'Foscari University of Venice + IUAV, Venice (Architecture and Visual Arts) + East China Normal University Shanghai.

Bob Gil, Cristina Cary + Mario Tassoni + Municipality of Cossano, Silvia Capiluppi, Roberto Fallani + Massimo Domenicucci, Piero Gilardi + PAV Living Art Park + Municipality of Turin, Alessandro Girami, Alessandro Marcucci Pinoli, Armando Marrocco + Laura Scrimieri, Renato Meneghetti, Dario Migliardi, Marica Moro, Fabrizio Musa, Nino Mustica, Sonja Quarone, Piervincenzo Rinaldi, Rosa Maria Rinaldi, Omar Ronda + Filippo Chiocchetti, Raymundo Sesma, Nane Zavagno.